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Kooi Jin Tan

Founder & Executive Chairman

Profile Picture_Tan Kooi Jin.jpg

Mr. Tan started Intac Systems Solution Pte Ltd in 2006, naming it after his first startup – Tan Air Con or TAC, with a focus on Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) works. Under Mr. Tan’s leadership, the company expanded its operations to include a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical (M&E) services, as well as branching out into building and construction.

Mr. Tan has amassed nearly 40 years of experience in project management throughout the course of his career, having entered the workforce at a young age after completing only three years of secondary level education. His first attempt at starting a business providing mechanical ventilation ductwork installation and maintenance services hit a snag, which pushed him into financial distress for almost 5 years.

These past experiences provided valuable learning lessons for Mr. Tan, who realized that he needed to work on payment collection and cash flow management, as he struggled in those areas. With these new insights, he was able to reposition his first company with a new focus: to provide superior quality services, while ensuring stringent cash flow management and maintaining a prudent project selection process.

This led to the formation of Intac which focuses specifically on mechanical systems installation for the Hawker Centre Upgrading Programme (HUP). From 2006 to 2010, Intac completed almost 85 percent of the kitchen mechanical ventilation systems upgrading for hawker centres in Singapore.

Intac is able to provide quality service to its customers with its strict adherence to project deadlines and parameters. It also takes the initiative to resolve any problems caused by the construction or upgrading projects with various stakeholders. The company’s efforts have results in positive word of mouth recommendations and many prominent projects in Singapore.

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